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SYSTRA 2019 Activity Report
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Signed up for sustainable mobility: such is the commitment made by SYSTRA in 2019, for the years and decades to come.
​​​​​​​As an engineering and consulting company dedicated to mobility, our activities have always aimed to serve populations and thereby the planet. Today, we have decided to go further in the field of sustainable mobility.

The Group has prepared itself to meet the numerous challenges we, and future generations, are facing. We have developed our business model, reconsidered our organisation, extended the field of our activities… and above all we have continued to lead useful projects throughout the world.

Our activity report presents the development of our strategy and provides solid evidence of SYSTRA's commitment to sustainable mobility, via a range of projects that we are leading in various regions of the world.

This year, the Activity Report is also designed as a more attractive digital interactiv​e version. Don't hesitate to share the link with your contacts!